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Another A-Rod Confession?!

For those of you that pushed and survived the late night early season sweep of the Nationals last night, there was a very interesting tid-bit provided by ESPN's Alex Rodriguez. Another confession, of sorts, albeit this one much more tolerable,... Continue Reading →


And the Mess Rolls On

Hopefully you read my rant after Cespedes got hurt here, but if not, please go do so now because here comes more of the same! Today, Sandy Alderson, and the Mets announced that Noah Syndergaard is out indefinitely with a... Continue Reading →

Meet the Mets… I mean Mess

I honestly don't even know where to begin this rant.  The Mets lost their 5th straight game today, dropping them into last place in the NL East. Yes, that means the Mets are below the Phillies, Braves and Marlins in... Continue Reading →

All no longer quiet on the Flushing front

While the Mets signings this week may not be headline grabbers, they are solid, known commodities who strengthen an already strong bullpen and pitching staff, regardless of any Familia suspensions. The fact that the Mets actually played this market out the way they did is most impressive and satisfying.

Phillies Froze Out Mets In Opening Weekend At Citi Field

Five games into the season and Panic City is in full swing in Flushing, which is absolutely ridiculous. The only debate that should have taken place this weekend is; what was colder, the weather or the Mets bats (it's a... Continue Reading →

Game 1 is in the books, so let’s over-analyze

We, as Mets fans, are very good at making rash judgements and evaluations. All you need to do is a quick search of #Mets on Twitter and half the fan base was on the ledge last night. It was either... Continue Reading →

Spring Check In

Sorry for the lack of updates, but Spring Training is still in its infancy and honestly, the Mets don't have much going on, aside from Cespedes' antics. Besides, I have been totally encompassed with Netflix releasing Fuller House. Talk about... Continue Reading →

Yo Knows QO

Cespedes eligible for qualifying offer if he opts out after one year. #Mets will get compensation pick if they make him QO and he departs. — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) January 23, 2016  

The Return of Cespedes

Cespedes for the rest of us... again. The Mets (Alderson) waited, stuck to their guns and got their man on their terms. Cespedes made it clear he wanted to be here when he left a $100 million offer sitting on... Continue Reading →

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