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The Minaya Mayhem

Fret not Metsin Around faithful, I have finally recovered from this past season, and I am back. But I'm not the only one! Omar Minaya is also back, but with the New York Mets, not my blog unfortunately. This news... Continue Reading →


And the Mess Rolls On

Hopefully you read my rant after Cespedes got hurt here, but if not, please go do so now because here comes more of the same! Today, Sandy Alderson, and the Mets announced that Noah Syndergaard is out indefinitely with a... Continue Reading →

Should the Mets have signed Cuddyer?

While it is only a little over a month into the season, I am watching Michael Cuddyer night in and night out and find myself wondering if jumping on him so early in the off-season was a good idea. I... Continue Reading →

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