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Oh the dissapoint-Mets

    This 2017 Mets season has been in a tailspin since mid-April, and while I have tried hard to stay away from posting the misery, I can't ignore it forever, but for health purposes, I tried my best. Coming... Continue Reading →


Mets Top 3 Off-Season Free Agent Targets

While it is still very early into the MLB off-season, despite the Mets late start thanks to their World Series appearance, the work behind the scenes best be in full swing, unless they want to be left holding nothing more... Continue Reading →

Shame on Steiner Sports

Shame on Steiner Sports and their affiliates. In what was probably the worst day of young Wilmer Flores' career, and possibly even life, Steiner Sports is cashing in on the moment that will forever be known as the trade that... Continue Reading →

Hope you enjoyed your ride on the Mets roller coaster

How did you fair over the last 3 days as a Mets fan? I hope you didn't lose any necessary body parts. I know I certainly gained a few new gray hairs. The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline for the New... Continue Reading →

Mets adjust infield.. finally!

The Mets just announced tonight that they would be adjusting their defensive infield and my response is, it's about time! It baffled my mind why the Mets insisted on playing Ruben Tejada, the team's most sound defensive infielder, at third... Continue Reading →

Colon earns 8th win as Mets salvage series finale against the Marlins

Bartolo Colon has become must see TV and today was no different. This 42 year old veteran has become a two-way threat like no other. Thanks to his big arm, and bat, the Mets (28-23) defeated the Marlins (20-31) by... Continue Reading →

deGrom did his thing; bullpen blew it; Mets won anyway thanks to Wilmer’s walk-off

WILMER WALK OFF! The Mets (26-21) defeated the Phillies (19-29) in nice, easy fashion tonight in 10 innings 5-4. Oh wait, they did the exact opposite of that. The game flew by, for 7 innings, as deGrom kicked it into... Continue Reading →

Cut Wilmer Flores some slack, he’s the least of our problems right now

The Mets have many well known issues up and down the roster, and Wilmer Flores has been the target of much hate and blame from the Mets faithful and the media through the first 2 months of the season, but... Continue Reading →

Mets eruption ends 5 game skid in impressive fashion

The Mets (21-16) scored 10 runs in the 4th inning. Yes, you heard that right. The team that came in riding low on a five game losing streak, scoring 10 runs total in those games, erupted for 10 runs in... Continue Reading →

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