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Another A-Rod Confession?!

For those of you that pushed and survived the late night early season sweep of the Nationals last night, there was a very interesting tid-bit provided by ESPN's Alex Rodriguez. Another confession, of sorts, albeit this one much more tolerable,... Continue Reading →


Mejia was a victim of a witch hunt?

Jenrry Mejia, the Mets pitcher who was permanently barred from baseball after three failed doping tests, claims that he was the victim of a witch hunt by Major League Baseball and that the players’ union did not properly advocate on... Continue Reading →

Comedy of errors lead Mets to series loss in the Bronx

This game was draining. For some reason, American League games seem to go on forever, or maybe it's just the stupidly late Sunday night ESPN start times. The Mets out errored the Yankees 4-2 and that was about all that... Continue Reading →

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