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Oh the dissapoint-Mets

    This 2017 Mets season has been in a tailspin since mid-April, and while I have tried hard to stay away from posting the misery, I can't ignore it forever, but for health purposes, I tried my best. Coming... Continue Reading →


Mets Opening Day 2017 & Video

There is no better time of year than Opening Day. Mets baseball is back and I took the family to Citi Field for the home opener to continue the tradition of so many years that I lost count! We couldn't... Continue Reading →

Cup Check, Baseball Is About To Begin

So close it hurts, but don't be like Jordany. Mets baseball is 1 day away. I repeat. 1 DAY AWAY!

MLB’s Pace of Play Rule Changes

As per MLB's official Twitter in a joint announcement with the MLBPA, there will be seven, yes SEVEN, new pace of play rule changes being implemented this season with the hopes of shaving seconds off of the games, yes SECONDS! Let's take a quick look at these changes in the order listed as per @MLB's tweet:

Mets well represented at the WBC

The World Baseball Classic is back for its third go around this year and personally, I am a huge fan. It brings a lot more interest to spring training, that isn't typically there and it creates more baseball games with... Continue Reading →

Just say NOPE to MLB’s ‘Pace of Play’ proposals

If you haven't heard yet, MLB proposed a few new rules that will be tested in the minors if approved by the players union. Skipping the four pitches being thrown during an intentional walk, raising the strike zone above the... Continue Reading →

Hope Springs Eternal

Many may have missed this spot dropped by MLB during the Super Bowl, or at least while the Super Bowl was on, not actually shown during the Super Bowl. Syndergaard and his infamous tweeting has earned himself an MLB commercial!... Continue Reading →

All no longer quiet on the Flushing front

While the Mets signings this week may not be headline grabbers, they are solid, known commodities who strengthen an already strong bullpen and pitching staff, regardless of any Familia suspensions. The fact that the Mets actually played this market out the way they did is most impressive and satisfying.

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