About me…

Where do I start…


New York Mets Diehard .. Bleeding Orange & Blue Since ’82;

Tech Junkie;

Knower of All, Master of Little;



Along the journey we call life and through all of my sport fandoms, tech and video game addictions, I obtained my Master’s in Social Work,  earned a great job in the field of Developmental Disabilities and got married (actually met my wife at my first job in the field). That was probably the best decision of my life because she blessed me with the most amazing gift of all, better than any Mets win or Apple device, ever, my beautiful little girl. She manages to teach me more everyday than all of my other life experiences combined and that is where you find me today.
My hope for this blog is to take you along the journey with me through the next phase of my life. You can hear all about my successes and failures as a father, my ranting and ravings on my beloved teams and all my fanboying for the latest and greatest tech that will come and go from my fingers. I don’t know exactly where this journey will take us, but I hope you enjoy the ride, because I know I will.