For those of you that pushed and survived the late night early season sweep of the Nationals last night, there was a very interesting tid-bit provided by ESPN’s Alex Rodriguez.

Another confession, of sorts, albeit this one much more tolerable, for most.

I must say, this new and improved (honest) A-Rod has really grown on me. Aside from the fact that I think he is excellent in the booth, with all of his knowledge, experience and charisma, but you get to see another side of him that would have been nice to see more of when he was between the lines.

During last night’s ESPN broadcast, a discussion took place in the booth regarding Harper’s impending free agency and the advice coming from A-Rod of Bryce needing to control the moment and the decision, unlike what happened when hit hit free agency in his prime. A-Rod recalled regretting not becoming a Met during his free agency tour before becoming a Texas Ranger and how there were so many external influences that ultimately impacted the decision and led to the regret he now feels. He mentioned how he would have manned short for the Mets while Jeter was crosstown and the rivalry that would have created. He said that he grew up watching the Mets and ultimately that is where he wanted to be, and without saying these words directly, his agent blew that opportunity for him but he should have had and/taken the control of that decision.

Now, at this point, as a die hard Mets fan, this does nothing for me. I still blame Steve Phillips for not getting this done. Maybe I should and maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe it really was all about Boras and his ego as the super agent in baseball. Maybe A-Rod would have come to Queens and been the next Baerga or maybe he’d have a few rings and a Mets cap in the Hall of Fame. Currently, it makes little sense to ponder but it was refreshing to hear him be so open and honest, but even more refreshing to watch another Mets win, their 5th in a row and their best start to a season in what feels like forever.

Until next time…

Let’s Go Mets!