Fret not Metsin Around faithful, I have finally recovered from this past season, and I am back. But I’m not the only one!

Omar Minaya is also back, but with the New York Mets, not my blog unfortunately. This news coming so shortly after Alderson being extended does lead to some head scratches, but this is far from a poor move. Yet so many fans are still in an uproar.

But why?

Minaya change the face of the franchise and the tone in queens in the mid 2000s and should get a lot of praise for current talent as well. Was it his fault for the collapses of 2007 and 2008 or Jason Bay falling flat on his face? He had many more hits than misses in his tenure as Mets GM, but as it goes, winning trumps all and that, he never accomplished despite coming so close in 2006 (F U Wainright).

No one can argue that he has an eye for talent, and the ability to pick kids in the draft and from the international waters. In his latest stint with the club, he could be exactly what Alderson needs in his arsenal. Alderson has never had the budget that Omar had, but he also rarely had draft success either. Combining Omar’s ability to scout and find talent along with Sandy’s ability to budget and swing deals, we could have a strong two headed monster righting the ship and getting the Mets to the playoffs for the third time in four seasons.

No, the Flushing faithful will never forget the Jason Bay signing but we can forget that Minaya was responsible for bringing Pedro, Beltran and Delgado to Flushing? Did he also not draft Harvey, Matz, DeGrom, Murphy, Duda, Parnell, and Gee among others. Flores, Mejia, Familia and Johan? While Conforto is nice and Rosario and Smith could be, aside from trades for Syndergaard and Wheeler, not much fruit has come from Sandy’s tree.

Here’s to hope that this duo can coexist and bring some fire back to the orange and blue.

Until next time…