Hopefully you read my rant after Cespedes got hurt here, but if not, please go do so now because here comes more of the same!

Today, Sandy Alderson, and the Mets announced that Noah Syndergaard is out indefinitely with a partially torn right lat. For those that don’t have a high IQ, yes, that is the same arm he pitches with. For those that also haven’t been paying attention, this is the same god damn story over and over again with this franchise. Forget the saying this is why we can’t have nice things. The Mets don’t deserve nice friggin things at this point. You can blame whoever you want here but this anti-establishment nonsense needs to stop.

The fact that the players run the show and become bigger than the team or the name/city on the front of their jerseys is clearly not working anymore in Queens. There is no better example than everything regarding Thor from this past off-season up to and including this current injury. For those that need a refresher, Noah bulked up this off-season. He added 17 pounds of muscle in hopes of throwing harder, because apparently throwing 99 or 100 just isn’t good enough anymore. Details you may have missed with his added bulk, is that fact that HE IS A PITCHER! Pitcher’s never need to bulk up and aside from that, his employer, the Mets, told him not to as it would likely not be beneficial and increase his risk of injury.

Whadya know, they actually know something about something.

Any employer of a professional athlete, whether through the contract or the collective bargaining agreement, has the right to know what is going on medically with their employee (player) and to make requests of how they handle themselves. The fact that this team, time and time again, will listen to whatever the player says is beyond me. They are going to ruin another 24 year old studs arm and while blame can’t be places solely on the Mets as he is every bit to blame, they take no responsibility in the fact that they sign his damn checks!

We are talking about a game that was played in April, after pushing back his start, where he couldn’t escape the second inning. A pushed start that then puts Harvey in harms way, who is coming back from major surgery, that most players show limited success following. But putting Harvey aside, Noah’s bicep strain, which miraculously healed and now a day later, turns out to be a tear in his lat, regardless of being related or not. Which at the end of the day, potentially, could have been avoided if the Mets told him you are our paid employee and you will get your giant goldilocks ass into that MRI machine or you’re going on the DL, no questions asked. But no, the Mets said oh no problem Noah, you say you feel good so you must clearly know more than the top team of doctors (see Cespedes and his hamstring just a handful of days ago) and surgeons that we and every other New York professional sports franchise employee. No problem bud. Go ahead and do you.

Early rumors suggest that Syndergaard will miss at least 3 months and potentially the whole season. Matz had a similar injury a few years back and made it back in 2 months, but I can’t be optimistic about anything with this team going forward. I assume this will end Noah’s career and Cespedes and Flores will be put on the 3 year disabled list due to their injuries as well. And just to add fuel to the fire, since the Mets oh so deep rotation went from 8 to 4, they will deal Conforto to the Braves for the much anticipated reunion of one Bartolo Colon.


The Mets brass or ownership or whomever really calls the shots behind the scenes, and when he media isn’t around, need to put on their big boy pants and take control of this runaway circus. The players should never come before the team and the management should not sit back and be okay with that happening. This team now has the potential of falling out of any hope of contention due to mismanagement and it is May 1st!

RIP New York Mets 2017 MLB Season.

Until next time…