I honestly don’t even know where to begin this rant. 

The Mets lost their 5th straight game today, dropping them into last place in the NL East. Yes, that means the Mets are below the Phillies, Braves and Marlins in the standings. Also yes, it only is 1 month into the season and their is plenty of baseball left. And no, Ahmed Rosario IS NOT the answer to their struggles right now. Bringing a phenom aboard a sinking ship is not the atmosphere that will help a young kid relax and flourish, especially with his lack of experience at the upper levels of the minor leagues. 

 That being said, boy, this team sure has been difficult to watch over the last 2 weeks. Remember when they had a 5 game winning streak 3 weeks ago? Neither do I! All I can remember is one guy going down to injury after the next and the Mets kicking around the ball on defense worse than the Bad News Bears at their first practice. Their bats remain silent, their starting pitchers remain (mentally) frail, and their bullpen, well I won’t even address that used and abused group because I just can’t even at this point. 

Despite all that, I still have hope for this team. However, that hope won’t last forever and what won’t last forever is my patience with the continued nonsense that comes from the front office when it comes to disseminating news, injury updates and providing Collins with filler that gets the fans turning on him to take away the heat from the front office, where it belongs.  Collins was asked after today’s game about regretting the decision to not place Cespedes on the disabled list last week to which he responded “no”. Did anyone think he would respond differently? At the end of the day, it is not his call to make. The team has the “best of the best” in terms of a medical team yet they never, EVER, seem to handle injuries correctly and poor Collins is left standing their with his pants down to face the vultures. 

Where Collins can and should take heat is how the Syndergaard situation was handled. The Mets and undoubtedly Collins, knew Noah was going through something physically, why else was he moved back a day when they originally said he’d start after the rainout Tuesday. That being said, no one said “hey, maybe we should give a heads up to Harvey in case we ended him in a pinch?”. To throw Harvey to the wolves on his usual rest day after a heavy weights day just makes no sense, especially when in every other circumstance he is being handle with bubble wrap and kids gloves.

I just don’t get it and this Mets season is getting late very early.

Next up are the Nationals again for 3 more and god forbid they get swept, they can kiss every and any hope of a division crown goodbye, and yes, even though it will be just May 1st. 


Until next time…