“We’ve not been able to win with [Anthony] on the court at this time,” Jackson said. “I think the direction with our team is that he’s a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talent somewhere where he can win or chase that championship.”

Source: Carmelo Anthony ‘would be better off somewhere else,’ Phil Jackson says

Talk about finger pointing and passing blame. I get that Melo is not a winner and can be seen as a selfish player but he’s not the sole reason the Knicks haven’t won since before I was born.

For those that missed out on the “Ask Phil” presser today, be happy you didn’t waste your time. Now let me just clear the air to the fact that in no way, shape, or form am I a Knicks fan. I actually relish in their mediocrity because I can’t stand the franchise and it stems from my disdain for Patrick Ewing and the Knicks of the 90’s, when basketball was the center of my universe. But Phil Jackson, as much as I love the coach that he was, is an absolute joke of a team GM and President and should have been fired months, if not years, ago.

For those that want to see what they missed, here you go:

And lastly, this all wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Anthony’s response which lucky for you, I have also provided via Twitter (you can thank me later):

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