Nintendo fans aren’t happy and rightfully so, but at this point with Nintendo what else is new, am I right?  Nintendo, over the past decade, has done a lot more disappointing than pleasing when it comes to its fan base.

Today, Nintendo announced that it will be discontinuing the production of the NES Classic Edition by the end of this month. They urge fans to check retail stores for stock but there has been no stock since this was originally released months ago.

I just don’t get it. They released it and it immediately sold out everywhere and remained sold out through the holidays and beyond. With the Raspberry Pi’s so readily (and cheaply) available, fans still chose to go on the hunt for this mini throwback from Nintendo. Why would Nintendo not want to continue to cash in?

Sorry Nintendo fans, but this is the way the company seems to operate now. Same frustrations are taking place to this day with the Nintendo Switch, but unless you are desperate to play Zelda Breath of the Wild, you can afford to wait months, because that is literally the only game available worth more than five minutes of your time.