Mets super closer Jeurys Familia will receive a 15-game suspension under the league’s domestic violence policy. Familia has agreed to those terms after meeting with MLB earlier this week.

The lighter than expected decision comes after months of speculation that he would receive a minimum of 30 games, similar to past cases. To refresh your memory, Familia was arrested last fall on charges of assaulting his wife, but the charges were dropped by his wife, and signs of potential abuse explained away.  MLB, however, does not require arrest, charges, or a conviction for the commissioner to impose a suspension.

Aside from the 15 games, Familia has agreed to make a charitable donation and speak with league rookies. He already completed numerous counseling sessions, despite the fact that Familia emphasized that he “never physically touched, harmed or threatened my wife” on the night in question, he did admit that he acted in an  “unacceptable manner”. “I am alone to blame for the problems of that evening,” he stated, adding that he has “taken meaningful steps to assure that nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Thankfully, we can move past this and focus on meaningful Mets baseball in just a few more days.

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