Winter is coming, to a TV near you this summer.

Game of Thrones fans thought they were getting some good news today. Good being debatable br many after the fact. It was officially announced that Game of Thrones Season 7 will be returning to HBO this July, as opposed to the usual April return. On top of that, we will only be blessed with 7 episodes as opposed to the usual 10 from past seasons. In its second to last season, fans will be expecting 7 action packed episodes and im sure we won’t be disappointed. 

However, as disappointing as the air date or the reduction of epidsodes may be, at least Game of Thrones is going out right. Too many shows go on for too many seasons, way past their prime, and leave fans searching for reasons to continue, other than the need to see things through to the end. Game of Thrones will not be that show and thank god. While many shows end too soon, like Heroes for example, it proved too little if often better than too much (see Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Shamless, I could really keeping going but I won’t).