This past week has brought us quite a few rumors for the upcoming iPhone, some new and some older ones gaining steam. Whether it will be called the 8, X, or 7s is still seamingly very up in the air, but there seems to be a lot of new designs coming to the flagship Apple device that is expected to cost upwards of $1000. On a side note, I’m totally rooting for it to be called the iPhone X. It just makes sense on many levels and takes the fear away of owning an iPhone 15 in the future, because that just doesn’t sound attractive. The iPhone X just sounds sexy. 

The first rumor gaining steam is that it seems more likely that 3 new iPhones will be released in the fall, following a spring release of an updated iPhone SE. The SE did really well when first released and that is likely due to two main reasons. Small form factor that is still beloved by many, along with the lower price point. The 3 Apple devices to be released in the fall will likely be something around the current 7 and 7 plus along with a “pro”?version with an even bigger display. 

The rumor making the rounds that has not gone away is the reduction of bezel (featured image from along with the increasing of the screen size. This may only impact the top end model of what is rumored to be 5.8″, in terms of increasing screen size, but I can’t imagine all models being released not having a reduction, if not removal, of the bezel at both ends of the device, which would also mean no more home button (or whatever this is called on the 7 because it really isn’t a button at all). This change to me is bigger than any other rumored change as it means we all get more screen real estate in less of a physical form factor, something I personally have been begging for for years. Imagine the 5.5″ iPhone Plus fitting in your hands as comfortably as the 4.7″ iPhone!

In addition to the reduced bevel comes the rumor of a “function area”, which kind of sounds like the touch bar on the new MacBook Pro. It is supposed to be the lower portion of the screen that will change functionality depending on the current app in use. I assume it will also be customizable much like the current home dock on recent iPhones. 

The latest rumor to make the rounds is the swapping out of Apple’s proprietary lightning port for the beloved and powerful USB-C. While this move certainly makes sense, especially considering that is the go to for all new Mac’s and even Nintendo’s new Switch system, it certainly is frustrating for all of us that have lightning docks, adapters and chargers in every nook and cranny of our houses, apartments and offices. 

As we continue to turn the calendar towards the spring and summer, these rumors and rumblings will continue to snowball and develop, but for now all we can do is overanalyze and hope for changes that make upgrading a worthwhile investment. 

What change are you most hoping for or looking forward to in Apple’s new iPhones?

Until next time…