Just as a little disclaimer, this review is not influenced by anything other than my own experiences and opinions with the Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig. I have not been compensated in any way for my thoughts or opinions and spent my hard earned money at Amazon to purchase one of these bad boys. Also, it is one of the rare products that after a month, I STILL OWN!

Hands down, this is the top handheld grip for the iPhone 7 Plus, or any iPhone for that matter, that I have ever tried. It is small, light and super easy to insert and remove your phone. It creates stability that allows for smoother videos, crisper photos, and a much more comfortable and natural grip when using your smartphone as a camera. It expands to cover almost all ranges of phone sizes (with cases) and easily fits into a pocket when not in use. If you watch Amazon, you can find it anywhere from $25-32 and I would call that a worthy investment if you have any care about your mobile video or picture quality.

Some other features of this smartphone grip (aside from being an awesome stabilizing grip) are its ability to mount to a tripod thanks to the universal 1/4″-20 threaded base. You can also mount it on a slider or on a shoulder rig for taking smooth shots and steady video clips. If you don’t have or use a tripod, now worries, as the S1 stands on its own. Mount the grip at the center of your device for landscape-mode or slide it sideways for portrait-mode.

I honestly have not tried using the grip as a stand too often, preferring placement right around the home button to provide comfortable and stable control as I am constantly chasing around my daughter trying to grab videos and pictures of whatever she may be doing.


I hope you enjoyed this review and head over to Amazon to give one of these little guys a try, while simultaneously improving your video and photo capturing abilities!

Until next time…