I got home from work today to see my Amazon box waiting for me on the porch and eventually got around to opening it. Right off the bat, that should have been my first sign. Usually, when I get a new piece of tech in the mail, the first thing I do is rip open the box, often times before even walking the dog!
But the box is now open and there she is. I took the plunge into the world of Apple Pencil and sadly our relationship, well,  it did not last long. Thank god for free returns (and my very understanding wife), otherwise I’d be more broke than I am! 

Don’t get me wrong, it is a great product. It felt solid, comfortable and did exactly what it is advertised to do. It connects almost instantly via Bluetooth, despite being the most awkward way to charge or connect any device, ever. I honestly felt like someone would wind up getting stabbed the way it stuck out of the bottom of my iPad Pro 9.7″, or it would just snap off, but this has been joked about since it’s release, no need for me to rehash old humor. 

Despite all it’s beauty, simple and sleek design, it is clearly designed for a specific group of people, and I quickly realized that I am not a member of that group. I get the appeal for artists and the like, but for me, no thanks. After 10 minutes of doodling, I found myself bored and ready to put it down, and so I did. Then quickly jumped to the Amazon app and started the return. 

It currently sits packed up at the front door waiting to be dropped off at the UPS store to be refunded and repackaged to be sold into a home that will appreciate all the slick little lady packs and be able to utilize its form, function and creativity.

Until next time…