If you haven’t heard yet, MLB proposed a few new rules that will be tested in the minors if approved by the players union. Skipping the four pitches being thrown during an intentional walk, raising the strike zone above the knee, and the one making the loudest noise, the ridiculous proposal to automatically place a runner on second base to start extra innings. 

First off, I don’t think anyone would be opposed to announcing an intentional walk and placing the batter on first without the four pitches. It counts against pitch counts but serves no other purpose. Yes, there is the once in a blue wild intentional pitch, but not nearly often enough to prevent this rule from taking place. 

Next, changing the  strike zone,yet again, will result in nothing but more umpires being overly criticized and longer games due to all of the controversy and arguing. This one will likely be denied or put the game one step closer to robo-umps. 

Lastly, starting extras with a man on second base. I get the league is tired of teams running out of players and how long games take before even reaching extras. Is this really the answer? And how would it work? Can it be any random player? I would assume teams would use an off-day starter but then you risk an injury. The plan is to experiment with this in the World Baseball Classic and the minor leagues but I can’t see it ever catching on in the majors and that’s not a bad thing, just ask Thor!