I have owned the Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone for the last 3 months and I would be lost without it. While initially I was weary of the high price ($99 on Amazon), I loved the sleek look and minimal approach to charging both my iPhone 7 Plus (regardless of whichever case I was currently using) and Apple Watch Series 2 on my nightstand. I have owned a number of Belkin products in the past and I am very aware of the quality and attention to detail they put into each of their products, so the more I thought of it, the less I was concerned with price and just hoped it was functional. The biggest selling point to the Belkin PowerHouse, and the main reason I singled this out for my purchase, was the fact that you didn’t need to do anything aside from plug it in. It comes with all charging adapters needed, already built in to the sleek design.

Over the past few months, I have found it as hassle free as can be, as it is utilized every night before falling asleep. It took about 1 minute to set up, as you literally just have to plug in the main power cord, which is about 4 feet in length. The watch charger has a very strong magnet and regardless of whichever band you are using, will hold and charge without issue. The iPhone dock is case compatible, as it has a neat little dial in the back of the dock, allowing you to raise or lower the lightning plug. Belkin refers to this as their VersaCase Lightning connector, so your phone is uncompromised and completely secure no matter if you rock your phone naked or protected. Both the watch and phone will charge simultaneously and without any fancy tests being done, it is fast charging.

The biggest positive, again, is the fact that all charging needs are built in without having to use the included charging cables with your devices. This is especially nice for the watch, as you can now carry around the charging disc in your bag as an emergency backup. That being said, I have never run into an issue with battery life on the updated Series 2 iWatch and typically I will get at least 2 days of charge without needing to get it back to the Belkin dock.

The only negative that I have noticed, is that there is no way to put the watch into nightstand mode with this PowerHouse dock. The watch must be straight up and down, unless you remove the band I suppose. This is not a big deal for me personally, but may be for some, who were hoping to utilize that feature of utilizing the watch as your clock on your nightstand.

If you couldn’t tell, or just decided to skip to the end, I highly recommend this device. Odds are you can find it on sale and get it cheaper than the $99 I paid, but if not, it is still worth it. As an item that will never leave my night stand, it should last for quite some time and not face the rigors of constant wear and tear.

Until next time…