At nearly 6 months, I still wear this thing every single day. The battery is the most impressive thing, considering many from the previous generation had nothing but complaints regarding battery life. I find, with each and every WatchOS update, it only gets better!

However, let me start off by saying, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a great add on device to my iPhone and Mac. Yet, at the end of the day, it is just a watch (as I was warned by many prior to purchasing). Anyone thinking about diving in to the smart watch phenomenon, please remember, it is a watch first and foremost and that way your expectations should be lowered a bit for this amazing, do it all, wrist accessory.

I ultimately decided on the 42mm aluminum space grey version of the Apple Watch Series 2 with the black sport band. Mind you, I had also purchased the Series 2 in 42mm stainless steel version wth the white sport band and the 42mm aluminum silver version with the white sport band. All I really knew was that I wanted the 42mm size Series 2 but little else aside from that. As you follow along and get to know me, you will quickly realize that I am quite indecisive and will often make many purchases (and many returns) when deciding on a piece of technology, or anything for that matter. My wife just loves that wonderful quality I possess 😉.

Back to the watch. Color aside (the silver and white were way too feminine for my taste), the decision came down to stainless steel vs aluminum. There turned out to be 3 main differences and in case you aren’t already aware, I will break them down.

Price: The first key difference, but least important to me, was the price. While I am by no means well off, I don’t mind investing in something that will be used by me daily for at least a year or two before upgrading. The stainless steel version was $200 more than the aluminum, and I completely get for most that alone is a deal breaker. While I could justify spending more for a highly quality build, I couldn’t justify the difference, when there were many other drawbacks which a few will be outlined below. I understand cost is often a deciding factor for many and just remember, while you get stronger glass and a stainless steel body, the internals are exactly the same.
Weight: While it is black and white that the stainless steel version is heavier than the aluminum version, until you get this thing on your wrist and wear it for at least a day, you don’t realize how much you actually notice the difference. It is especially obvious for those that are active and plan on using the watch during physical activities. If you only want it as a high tech, fashionable timepiece, than weight will likely be low on your list of concerns as the shiny silver will likely be more of a statement point for you. But there is a weight difference, and to me it was more obvious than anticipated.
Durability: This wound up being the biggest deciding factor in my decision. While I had worn the stainless steel version for 3 full days, weight aside, the propensity for scratches and micro abrasions were too much for what the device cost. I understood that something worn on my wrist, all day everyday, is prone to nicks and dings, but for there to be so many so soon was just not sitting well with me. After 3 days it looked like I had been through a war zone, and I have a desk job 9-5 Monday through Friday mind you. After a full week with the space grey aluminum, the watch still looks like it just was unboxed and I see no reason, along with a little TLC why it won’t remain that way.
While everyone’s deciding factors may be different, these 3 were key factors in my decision making. And again, not everyone will be as crazy as me and purchase three different variations, but I own my indecisiveness and that process needed to play out for me to be completely comfortable and confident with my final decision. Also, for those worried about battery life, it will 1000% vary for everyone based on apps, usage and lifestyle. For me personally, I put it on about 630am and remove it before bed around 11am and I am usually at 65-70%, which blows away all of my expectations. This watch would easily last me 2 days without charging and for my needs, that is perfect. I do still charge it every night just because it is part of my routine and why would I not utilize my Belkin Powerhouse Phone and Watch Chargedock, which I will likely review in the coming days for those interested.

As a bonus tidbit, my favorite app so far on the Apple Watch Series 2 is the activity tracker and all of the ways you can personalize and track your progress throughout the day. I don’t find it overwhelming or too intrusive and it certainly helps, with a quick glance, being able to track my movement and progress as well as view compiled stats on my phone whenever I want. It is also very motivating to try and complete the circles everyday.

Hopefully this helps those of you still on the fence about jumping into the smart watch realm and I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and concerns on the Apple Watch Series 2.

Also, set aside some extra dough for watch bands. I already own 4 and it hasn’t been a full 6 months yet!

Until next time…