040816mets01nm.jpgFive games into the season and Panic City is in full swing in Flushing, which is absolutely ridiculous. The only debate that should have taken place this weekend is; what was colder, the weather or the Mets bats (it’s a tie in my book). The fact that fans were booing Cespedes shows how stupid much of the fan base can be and to top it off, deGrom is being skipped the next go around as he is suffering from a sore lat muscle, which has bothered him since the spring.

IMG_1840.JPGOpening Day, despite its cold, rainy weather, was an absolute blast. Citi Field was packed, the stadium staff were prepared and things seemed to go off without a hitch. It really is a different experience going with a child (now my 2nd opening day in the parental role) but it also makes you appreciate and realize all of the thought and effort that the team truly puts into making it a pleasurable experience for all people from all walks of life. Even fans,as drunk as they may be, go out of their way to show respect to the families and the littles ones, as they too remember what it was like entering fandom and how they got their start rooting on their favorite team.

All that being said, there was still some good going on between the lines for the Mets, and most of it should not be a surprise.
IMG_0438-2The Mets pitching is still stealing the show. However, the starters are being out shadowed by the relief corps. As well as the starters have done one rotation through, the bullpen has been even better. Until today, they did not give up any runs and they are flat-out nasty. The right side of the pen throws straight gas and the lefties just baffle batters. Once the weather warms up, so will the bats, and this team will be a well-rounded bunch able to string together wins with ease.

IMG_0438-2Forget the Cespedes drop on opening night and Wright’s lucky missed infield fly, this team is clearly improved in many areas. While Conforto may not be the best fielder, he has a strong, accurate arm, and makes all the necessary plays. Cespedes, while at time may be a circus act in the field gets the job done, but the biggest improvements are up the middle. Despite all the talk of Cabrera’s limited range, he has looked fantastic going back on balls and making all of the routine plays look easy, which is something that has sorely been lacking since Reyes’ departure. Don’t even get me started on the upgrade of Walker from Murphy, that’s self-explanatory.

IMG_0438-2Lastly, Wright has been driving the ball the other way. His stats haven’t been there of yet, but that was always a good sign with him and in this cold weather, with his back issue, it is a great site to see. Not to mention his prowess on the base paths, with the proper plan of rest in place, hopefully we can see this version of Wright for the long haul.

A record of 2-3 is nothing to worry about. Fans need to relax. It is cold and has been poor conditions in NYC and while Cespedes maybe should have kept his comments to himself about rather being in bed during this weather, he is right. Cold weather isn’t fun but it won’t be here for long and once this team gets going, watch out, it will be another fun summer ahead.