We are officially less than 24 hours from the New York Mets being back on the green grass of Citi Field to open up their home base for the 2016 season, against the Philadelphia Phillies.

One of the keys for the Mets this season will be to continue to establish their home field presence, especially when facing the basement of the NL. The Mets have never been a great home team (since moving to Citi Field) until last season and they need to continue to win at home, for multiple reasons. Winning at home puts more pressure on incoming opponents, more fans in the seats, more money for ownership, and obviously more wins in the standings.

Aside from getting to see the Mets live for the first time this season, and hopefully getting to see deGrom take the mound (keep your legs crossed Mrs. deGrom), I am very excited for all of the pregame festivities and to explore all of the new editions to the stadium. Last year we were pleasantly surprised by the grilled cheese food spot and some of the more subtle improvements to the stadium and this year should be even better. Coming off of a World Series appearance and a division title, one banner will be raised in our house, at least, and the Mets are always good for trotting out former members of the club to appease the crowd. No amount of cold, wind or moisture can ruin our family tradition of attending opening day with the Mets and once the parking nightmare is conquered it is always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns in Flushing.

Here is to another successful season in Flushing and to continuing the family tradition of attending Opening Day with the Mets!