imageThe first series of the season is complete, with the Mets (1-1) escaping KC with a split. While game one left fans with more questions and doubts than anything else, game two saw Syndergaard dominate the Royals over 6 innings, most impressively striking out 9 against a contact minded bunch. Syndergaard continues to impress with his fearless, here’s my best stuff good luck hitting it, approach and quickly is making me believe he will be the best of the four horsemen before long.

Other take aways from this “revenge” series:

thorDavid Wright is still an above average major league baseball player. Yes, it is just two games, but people were calling for his retirement after his poor player all around in-game one, and how quickly they were silenced as they watched him steal two bases en route to the Mets 2-0 victory. He finished with a single and two walks and if nothing else, silenced the critics for at least one more game.

thorThe Mets bullpen may not be as bad as some expected. They held their own in-game 1 and game 2 were flat-out dominant. It was great to see Henderson back on a major league mound after two seasons of shoulder woes and Reed then followed to create a fast-lane to Familia, who finally shut the door on the Royals. After blowing 3 saves in the World Series, it was great to see Jeurys get this monkey off his back and show that spring truly means nothing as he was slinging 96 mph heat over the plate.

thorWelcome to the club Neil Walker. Aside from the go ahead and game winning 2-run homer he hit in game 2 and his RBI in game 1, his glove has been solid and he is more adept at turning the double play. Most impressive was his play today in the ninth, blocking the ball off of a bad hop on the grounder from Hosmer, and knowing the speed, situation and possessing the wherewithal to stick with it and complete the 2nd out of the inning. The first thing that ran through my mind was, last year in that same situation, Murphy with a ball bouncing off his chest, would have run in circles and dropped his head and pouted before tapping his chest with that stupid pout on his face to signal my bad, while in turn leading Mets twitter to proclaim; “He Murph’d another one”.

This strange first week continues as the Mets now have 2 more days off before coming home to open up Citi Field against the Phillies. See you all Friday as the wife, baby and I will be cheering on the boys in orange and blue with the rest of the Flushing Faithful. Our Opening Day tradition continues and Friday can’t come fast enough.

Let’s Go Mets!