We, as Mets fans, are very good at making rash judgements and evaluations. All you need to do is a quick search of #Mets on Twitter and half the fan base was on the ledge last night. It was either Harvery is overrated, Wright is a washed up bum, or Cespedes is a waste of money. 

This was just game 1 of a long marathon baseball season. 

The only topic I will discuss and give any credence to is David Wright, and how he looked on both sides of the diamond. Yes, David Wright looked a few steps behind. His throws looked lazy and lacked any oomph. His bat looked slow through the zone. All that being said, it is game 1 of the season on a chilly night, against the World Champion Royals. As if we didn’t learn from last October, they are very, very good, and keep the pressure on their opponents from pitch 1. They take advantage of any and all mistakes and usually force their opponents into mistakes (sans the Cespedes drop). But David Wright is battling through something that force most out of the game. The fact that he is able to be out there and battling through needs to be someone we stand behind, not throw under a bus. Wright will be okay. He missed time in spring and it’s no surprise he was a little rusty, but we have seen him play (well) long enough. He will put in the work and be a key contributor to this team as long as he can stay on the field. You don’t set a franchise record last night of 12 straight opening day starts by not possessing talent. 

Have patience, this marathon is just beginning and good things are to come.