For those that have followed me or any of my previous blogs know that every year, myself (@metsgoon), my wife (@dame192) and my buddies from The Daily Spotlight (@tommyonthespot & @onlyonetobey88) make our annual predictions for the upcoming baseball season.

Now, while 3 of us are die-hard Mets fans, the one outsider, and owner of the Daily Spotlight, is a die-hard Yankees Mets Twins Nationals fan. And on top of all that, doesn’t even deem Opening Day important enough to watch any of today’s games as he is currently in Texas for WWE’s Wrestlemania. Priorities, right?!

On to the picks…

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.11.07 PM

Could you tell 3 Mets fans made these picks? I will give credit to @tommyonthespot for having his Nats lose in the World Series, but the fact that he had them making it is perfect for this clearly biased prediction set of picks.