When greed reigns, it pours. What TV money can do, no matter how senseless, it continues to do. And it certainly causes sports’ commissioners and the team owners who empower them to go blind —

Source: No Saturday 1 p.m. Mets games just the latest MLB money grab

 Unfortunately, this is not a new trend. I have noticed that for the last few seasons at Citi Field, Saturday afternoon games were few and far between. So long as the team keeps trending upward and winning, it ultimately won’t matter to the owners but wait for another disappointing season, which considering they’re the Mets won’t be too far down the road, and see how many of us show up at 7 or 8pm on a Saturday evening.

Whether the Mets brass check or even care about fan reactions is one thing but fans are not shy when it comes to these matters. Such as, a few seasons ago when fans cried for the return of banner day and look what a success that has become yet again. This time issue is a little different as there are direct financial implications from their TV deal and no fan outrage or Twitter bashing is likely to change that, unfortunately.