Jenrry Mejia has failed his third test for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), the second failure which occurred while currently being suspended for his previous failure.


At the end of the day, I doubt the Mets were counting on him, or even trusting him, for anything this season aside from some organizational depth, and if they were they were foolish. But it makes you wonder what the heck he could have been thinking. I mean, you get caught, get caught again while serving your first suspension and miss out on your team’s World Series run, and now, instead of learning from the mistakes and busting your butt to get back and prove you can contribute to this very talented team, you ruin your career and potentially your life.

With this third failed test for PEDs, Mejia has become the first player to be suspended permanently from the game, at any level, due to failed drug tests. According to multiple sources on Twitter, he can apply for reinstatement after a year, but must still serve a two year suspension before being reinstated.

There are only two possible options and questions that keep running through my head as i think of ways that this could have possible happened…

  1. Is it possible Mejia is this stupid and had no idea what he was putting into his body after 2 failed tests?
  2. Are PEDs addicting and Mejia couldn’t live without them?

Who knows if we will ever find out the truth but it sure is unfortunate to see a kid fight for this opportunity his whole life just to flush it all down the toilet in such a quick and shameful manner.