Cespedes for the rest of us… again.


The Mets (Alderson) waited, stuck to their guns and got their man on their terms. Cespedes made it clear he wanted to be here when he left a $100 million offer sitting on the table from the Nationals. If he was just about that money he would have jumped at that offer and been playing second fiddle in D.C. to Bryce, if he can stay on the field for a 2nd straight season.

Essentially the Mets signed Yoenis Cespedes at 1 year for $27.5 million. Don’t be fooled by the 3 year $75 million contract because, unless disaster strikes, there is no way Yo isn’t opting out at the end of the 2016 season, and I am 100% okay knowing that. Aside from the opt out clause after year 1, the biggest selling point had to be the full no trade clause included by the Mets. I am sure it has taken a toll on Cespedes jumping from city to city during the last 18 months and now he knows if he leaves New York at the end of 2016, it will be his decision and nobody else’s. Speaking of leaving New York, he would be foolish not to test the waters again next off-season as he would likely be the best hitter on the free agent market (some may argue Joey Bats). And the Mets won’t be locked into an aging power hitter who’s skills typically fade quicker than Lebron’s hairline while they try to conserve dollars for their impending pitching staff contracts.

While Cespedes wasn’t a must have for the Mets, he certainly is the big bopper in the middle of the Mets lineup that strikes fear into the opposing pitcher, which would have been lacking if he signed elsewhere. Not to say the Mets couldn’t or wouldn’t have won the NL East or made the playoffs without him, but now that thought doesn’t have to cross anyones mind and no more depth has to be dealt from the system at the trade deadline to take the Mets over the hump, like last season.

Most importantly, the Mets helped the Nationals strike out on yet another off-season target, adding Cespedes to the list of misses which includes O’Day, Heyward, Phillips, Chapman and Zobrist. While they did add Murphy, for the Mets Walker is an upgrade overall and the Nats can enjoy him Murphing balls in the field and running into outs on the bases. Yes, I will never forget him single handedly getting the Mets to the World Series, but it was a nice run and we were quick and efficient in moving on.

Welcome back Yo!