7490923080031_Rays_v_Orioles_Game_1-199x300Mets Nation needs to chill the hell out. Ben Zobrist chose the Cubs, not the Mets (or the Nationals), but the Cubs. This is a blessing in disguise. 4 years at $14 million per for a 34 year old jack of all trades, solid, but not spectacular ball player is throwing the Mets world upside down!? Mets faithful need to chill. There are still internal and external options, at much more reasonable costs.

Would the Cubs still have gotten swept by the Mets with Zobrist over Castro in the Division Series last season? Hell yeah, because the Mets pitching dominated them and their lineup was far from the issue.

Again, this is Ben Zobrist, people. In his 10 big league seasons, Zobrist has lit the world on fire with an impressive .265 average .. oh wait, less than stellar. And all those gold gloves he won .. oh wait, he doesn’t have those either.

Yes, we, as Mets fans, want solid major leaguers up and down the roster, but come on. Ben Zobrist at $14 million for 4 years on a team that closely watches the purse strings is not the answer. Murphy, who is a known commodity is still an option, albeit unpopular. How much worse would a combination of Wilmer Flores and Dilson Herrera be than Ben Zobrist? Honestly not much, especially when age and contractual obligation is taken into account.

The off-season is far from over, but again, the Mets faithful needs to chill. The Mets will not go 0 for the off-season. New faces will be on the field come opening day and we will be thanking all that is holy that this Zobrist contract is not on our hands come a year or two from now.