“The Mets no longer need to negotiate with Yoenis Cespedes during a pennant race or risk losing him forever. The team announced Tuesday that it and Roc Nation Sports have negotiated an amendment into Cespedes’ contract, allowing the Mets to pursue him for the entirety of this offseason’s free-agent period.Under their old arrangement, the Mets could negotiate with Cespedes for only five days following the conclusion of the World Series. After that point, Cespedes’ unique contract language would have made the Mets ineligible to re-sign him until May 15, making his return to New York a near-impossibility.”

Source: Mets free to negotiate with Yoenis Cespedes | MLB.com

While this is great and one less distracting story to take away from this great season the Mets are having, I still do not believe the Mets will give Yoenis the type of money he is looking for and likely to receive. The Wilpon’s still have a lot of fences to mend and this would be a nice place to start with regaining the trust of their fan base, but it is unrealistic.

Another reason that I believe Cespedes will be playing in a different uniform again next season is driven from the final quote from him in the DiComo article:

“I don’t really know what they’re thinking, but my plan is to go out there and have fun,” Cespedes said through an interpreter. “I enjoy the team. It’s really a great team. I love the city of New York. I love the fans and what we’ve got going here is a really good thing. So I don’t really think about that. I just want to go out there and do my job, and put up great numbers.”

Cespedes is very much about Yoenis Cespedes. Not once in the quote did he mention the winning or championships. It’s all about putting up great numbers. For $20-$25 million per for probably 6 or more years, he will likely be putting up those numbers elsewhere, in his post 30 year old career.