Oh my, how the tides have turned in a matter of days. When the Mets are finally back in the thick of a pennant race and impending playoff baseball, the leader and ace of this team has made it all about him and taken away from the special season that this team is having. Harvey is being destroyed on the front and back pages of many New York newspapers, as well as on social media and the radio airwaves, and rightfully so. Matt Harvey only cares about Matt Harvey.

Yes, he should protect himself as best as possible, but at the same time, he has been the biggest opponent to the 6 man rotation and having starts skipped. For someone who is all about give me the damn ball, wouldn’t it be something if he backed out of pitching in playoff baseball.

If that scenario were to surface, he would quickly go from the Dark Knight to the Flushing Jester. Ken Davidoff of the New York Post may have said it best when he published the article today about the writing now being on the wall to deal Harvey this off-season:

“The Mets should go through on this because they have stockpiled enough starting pitching to envision perennial competition without Harvey. Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Jon Niese and Noah Syndergaard fronting a rotation to kick off 2016, with Zack Wheeler working to return midseason? Yup, that’d work … assuming the Mets score runs more like August and September and less like April through July.

And the best way to beef up that offense, what with rentals Yoenis Cespedes, Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe as well as homegrown Daniel Murphy all likely to depart? Use Harvey to get someone impactful in return. How about Colorado outfielder Carlos Gonzalez? Or Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford? Or Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain? Or Twins second baseman Brian Dozier? Just spitballing here; the Mets can do the actual legwork. Alderson owns a pretty good track record when it comes to trades.

We have arrived at the scene when the Dark Knight becomes the villain. If the Mets are feeling particularly feisty, they can work to ship Harvey to a small market, a place where media suck-ups and supermodels are in short supply. Or they could be grateful to the big fella for helping everyone see the light.”

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