Matt Harvey could have avoided the distraction and the drama, brought on himself and the team, from the past two days if he would have just come out and said this yesterday afternoon when asked by reporters. Harvey is an intelligent, highly talented ballplayer who is entering the prime of his career and coming off a time when he had no clue what was in store for his future in the big leagues. I am sure he has constant internal debates as to what the right decision is, but at the end of the day, nobody (not an agent, doctor, general manager, or himself) know. No one has had this much success with such few setbacks in year one back from Tommy John, and most don’t have 18 month recovery periods. If Harvey says he feels well and the results match, then let him be.

While he has stomped on all doubters and critics as he has taken the league by storm in his first year back from surgery, his decisions off the field continue to raise eyebrows and doubts as to his decision making. While he could have simply answered reporters yesterday about his innings limit and playoff potential, he skirted around the answer everyone was looking for, instead giving the scoop to the Players Tribune, which to me seems like a well orchestrated, all about Matt Harvey, move. These are the things that keep occurring that make me think I will be more than okay with him signing else where when his arbitration is up in a few years. Let someone else overpay for the end of his career and his off the field head scratchers that will surely follow him throughout his career, however long or short, it shall be.