For anyone that knows me, knows that I have nothing but hate for the Yankees, both past and present. And leave it to the Yankees to continue to add fuel to the fire.

The Yankees have announced that they will be honoring Andy Pettite and retriing his number this weekend, along with Jorge Posada, and enshrining them in monument park in the Stadium Steinbrenner built. Aside from the fact that the Yankees retire nearly every number in existence, the fact that they are honoring a known and busted PED user is absolutely insane and a slap in the face to the history of the game and “Yankee Legends”.

How long did we hear about how the Yankees would not acknowledge Alex Rodriguez this season and his milestones? How long have they tried to run him out of town? Where would they be without him this season? Where would they have been without Pettite during their “dynasty”?

The Yankees organization is nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, money hungry fools who really are so far removed from reality they don’t know what’s good for the game of baseball, let alone their own organization. What kind of message does this send to their young fans? What kind of message does this send to their current asterisk, Alex Rodriguez?

As much as the Mets ownership may often be the talk of hatred for the Mets fan base, the Yankees brass are doing a great job of playing catch up and looking as incompetent as the Wilpon regime.

Rumor is, if you attend the Pettite ceremony, they will be handing out plastic syringes for all of the wives in attendance.