Shame on Steiner Sports and their affiliates. In what was probably the worst day of young Wilmer Flores’ career, and possibly even life, Steiner Sports is cashing in on the moment that will forever be known as the trade that wasn’t (or CryGate as I like to call it). The Mets seemed to be itching to run Wilmer out of town and for no good reason. He rebounded from a terrible defensive slump to start the season and aside from Duda, was the only real threat in the middle of the lineup for much of the season. Is it his fault the Mets played him out of position or placed greater expectations on the 23 year old than was realistic? Of course not, but the media and fans don’t care about those sort of things when the team is averaging 2 runs or less per game. Quickly they forget he’s just 23 in only his second season of legit playing time. Not all stars are born overnight like Mike Trout, not that I am saying he’s in the same world as Trout, but you get my point (hopefully).

The worst part of this all is that Steiner Sports has sold out. I truly doubt there are enough die hard Flores fans who felt that was a genuine, love of the game, moment in a young professionals career, and this will probably circulate for years as a running joke of sorts. I feel there was nothing wrong with Flores’ display of emotions and despite the backlash, the fact that moment was able to occur is more of a testament of the inability and insensitivity of management and ownership than anything else. I can’t imagine how Wilmer felt when he had to sit and sign all of these. Poor guy, but you know what, I sure am glad he’s still around because since the debacle, the team has come together and rallied and now need that camaraderie more than ever to stay ahead of the Nationals.