"Keep your head, hands, arms legs and feet inside the ride at all times"
“Keep your head, hands, arms legs and feet inside the ride at all times”

How did you fair over the last 3 days as a Mets fan?

I hope you didn’t lose any necessary body parts. I know I certainly gained a few new gray hairs. The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline for the New York Mets was the equivalent of riding a roller coaster like the one pictured above. and specifically for Wilmer Flores.

First the Carlos Gomez deal, that wasn’t.

Then Jay Bruce was on his way.

Yet, when all was said and done it was neither of those guys, or Gerrardo Parra, Troy Tulowitzki or any of the other half dozen guys that have been linked to the Mets since Spring Training. It was Yoenis Cespedes from the Detroit Tigers and for 2 of the Mets lower prospects, and certainly not Zach Wheeler.

While many people will find reasons to bitch and moan no matter who is dealt and who is received, this deal is a clear cut win. While Michael Fullmer is a nice piece, where does he fit on this team. Going into next year we already have 8 major league ready starting pitchers in Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, Matz, Wheeler, Niese, Gee and Montero. By the time Fullmer would be ready to contribute, there is no telling where this team will be and not to mention his injury history to this point in his career before his recent resurgence.

In my opinion, obtaining Cespedes while retaining Wheeler is leagues better than the Gomez deal that would have cost us Flores and Wheeler. Yes, Gomez would have filled two holes, outfield and leadoff, but Cespedes is a more feared middle of the order bat and Granderson, surprisingly, has exceeded expectations from the leadoff spot.

On top of all of that, former Brewer and still current Met, Wilmer Flores, would not have been around to turn his tears into cheers and lead the Mets to a series opening 12th inning walk off home run against the NL East leading Nationals, pulling the Mets to within just 2 games of first and before even welcoming Cespedes into the lineup.


Think of what Wilmer Flores just experienced. At 23, and playing with the only organization he has known since he was signed as a 16 year old out of Venezuela, tears were well warranted Wednesday night when being informed of a trade from his current team. How the team handled the situation is a completely different story, but Flores can’t and shouldn’t be faulted for his honest display of emotion. Especially the way he heard the news, from the fans in the crowd. All of you who mock, criticize, bully those that show emotion have your own issues that clearly need professional help to get you past. For a 23 year old to show that type of emotion due to the devotion he has for his team and the city he plays for shows more than enough heart and character as to who he is as a man, not just a ball player. Then just two nights later, after no deal was consummated to turn that emotion around and hit a walk off home run before jumping into the arms of his team mates, this kid is a winner and at such a young age is someone I want around this ball club for many years to come.

His heart and clutch hitting even made some new, high profile, fans along the way: