Well, I couldn’t have put it any better. This not only sums up my last 48 hours as a Mets fan, but my entire 32 years as a Mets fan. Within this small period there were extreme highs, deep lows and now a period of “well these are the Mets, of course they won’t do anything to excite the fans or make a true run at the pennant.”

Life as a Mets fan sure is rough. As much as a joke with Boxie that the Jets are a 3 ring circus, the Mets really put the Jets to shame in that regard in most years.

The deadline is fast approaching and aside from some faint rumors about a Wheeler for Bruce deal with the Reds, all is quiet on the Mets front. I know how this works at this point. We hear Bruce, we get Byrd. We hear Justin Upton, we get Venable. This is just who the Mets are. They will never get out of their own way and do what needs to be done.

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I’d like to start off by mentioning that I like the New York Mets.  I’ve never been a fan per say of the Mets, being raised a Yankees fan and then adoptiong the Nationals as my new team in 2009, I actually had every reason to dislike them but I’ve just never been able to root against them.  I’ve always rooted for them to do well and fondly remember going to the Mets pepsi picnic area on Wednesdays in exchange for Pepsi can, in 2006 I remember setting up a small television as the register I worked at while working at a local grocery to watch game seven of the NLCS, and in 2008 I interned for the Mets and have kept a strong working relationship with the Mets ever since.  My respect for the team makes a bit more sense when you consider that my favorite football team is the often times pathetic New York Jets and my…

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