confortoThere was quite a bit of banter on the Mets front today. First was continued talks of Michael Cuddyer potentially needing a DL stint. At this point, a decision needs to be made, because the bench is short as it is, on players and talent, and they can’t afford to continue to play a man down every night. Rumors were floating this past weekend that Cuddyer may even need to be shut down for the remainder of the season if they can’t get his knee under control. Another quality signing by the Mets, and with giving up a drat pick to boot.

Then came the potential trade rumors. Supposedly the Mets have re-engaged the Athletics in talks for Zobrist. While I am not a fan of acquiring Zobrist, at this point any type of offensive player with something on the back of his baseball card will do. As long as he doesn’t cost more than a few lower level minor leaguers I can get behind it. If we wind up losing a Montero, Nimmo, Smith or someone of that caliber for an over the hill utility player who is a free agent at season’s end, the deal will be a loss no matter what Zobrist does the rest of the year. Then again, he likely won’t be acquired because the Mets will balk at paying his remaining salary.

d’Arnaud is back in the swing of things, quite literally. He has begun taking batting practice and the hope is that he will be playing low level games by the end of the week with the intent of him returning to the Mets after their off day on Monday. Assuming no setbacks of course, which is quite the assumption when it comes to d’Arnaud and his health.

Add Juan Uribe to the radar. The Mets have inquired what it would take to pry Uribe from the Braves and rumors have a low level prospect and eating his salary, which is where I continue to lose confidence in the Mets doing what is necessary to build a winning club. They have shown no desire to increase payroll, so why break that mold for an aging, overweight, Juan Uribe.

Lastly, there has been increased whispers of a promotion for Michael Conforto. If Cuddyer indeed does hit the disabled list, I can see his promotion taking place. Firstly, he has done nothing but dominate every stop of the minors since being drafted last year, but more importantly, especially for the Mets, he is cheap and won’t cost them anyone. The fan base has been clamoring for this guy since May when the Mets offense hit a wall and no time is better than now to inject some young blood and energy into this offense before they force the team to fade into oblivion.