mets-cardinals-baseballThe Mets (48-44) just finished off an 18 inning affair that made most fans gauge out their eyes with unsharpened pencils dipped in hot sauce. Thank Jebus they pulled it out by a score of 3-1 in 18 innings after they finally scratched out a run in the 13th only to see Familia give up a solo game tying home run to Wong on his second pitch. You would think a game lasting nearly 6 hours that saw the Mets draw a ton of walks and have a man in scoring position every inning of extras would have ended before 18 and surely would have had them with more than 3 runs. Or maybe you wouldn’t have, if you have watched this offense sputter for the last 2 1/2 months.

Overall, the Mets looked exactly the same in their first series after the break. Struggling to score runs, especially on the road and wasting opportunities when they are fortunate to get men in scoring position (25 times in game 3 alone). The pitching, aside from Colon, was just as dominant as it ended the first half and Niese continues to look sharper than any point in his career.

Duda continues to baffle my mind. He came out of the spring smoking hot through April. He was crushing lefties, hitting the ball to all fields, and not swinging at breaking pitches out of the zone. Since then, however, he looks to be in the worst funk of his career. Throwing out all of the confidence nonsense that is always brought up with Duda, the Mets need to do something with him. If he is to remain in the middle of the order in this funk, the Mets stand no chance at establishing any type of consistent offensive threat.

Next up are the first place Nationals. As much as salvaging the series finale against the Cardinals was surely a confidence boost, the Mets enter the 3 game set in Washington just 2 games back with Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard set to start each game in the series.