iJacob deGrom, fresh off of his 2014 NL Rookie of the Year campaign made his debut at the MLB All-Star Game last night, and what a debut it was. Throwing one heater after another, deGrom showed the world the future of the Mets pitching staff, striking out all 3 AL All-Stars he faced, wasting just 10 pitches in the process. The stuff was electric, as we have gotten used to as Mets fans, but last night was his stage to show the world who he is and what he can do. It’s one thing when you’re mowing down Phillies and Marlins, but the top of the Junior Circuit is another story.

While that last one may only have been true until Chapman took the mound and threw triple-digit darts to the AL, deGrom certainly was the best the NL put out there in their losing effort. I can get into how this game is an exhibition and it is an absolute joke that it counts for anything, or how Familia deserved a share of the Mets All-Star spotlight, but for one night, the stage was deGrom’s and he certainly shined bright for all of the world to see.