Another day, another plan for the Mets. First, Gee was to start the year in the bullpen, then he was back in the rotation at the end of spring training. Then the Mets went to a six man rotation, utilizing Montero, and he got hurt. Back with the five man rotation, and now Gee gets hurt. Welcome Syndergaard. Gee gets healthy, sulks in the minors as he “wastes bullets” and Syndergaard blossoms. Back to the six man rotation, and Gee sucks again. Well that didn’t last long, Gee to the bullpen, six man rotation lasted just one run through. 


What the hell are Collins and Alderson thinking. If anyone deserves to be demoted it was Niese, but that’s besides the point. The fact that Gee or Niese are keeping Matz from reaching the majors is ridiculous. The fact that the Mets can’t stick to a plan for more than a week is more ridiculous. Worst of all is that now neither Gee nor Niese are building up any type of trade value because all they’re doing is sulking and stinking.