imageThe Mets just announced tonight that they would be adjusting their defensive infield and my response is, it’s about time! It baffled my mind why the Mets insisted on playing Ruben Tejada, the team’s most sound defensive infielder, at third base, when he has never played that position in the pros. It made even less sense considering that the Mets have been playing Murphy everyday at second base, where he is not the most fluid or capable, especially when he came up as a third baseman and looks most comfortable when he is manning third defensively. But finally, all is right in Mets world now as the stars have aligned and the Mets have made a sound decision that should instantly benefit their overall team defense and more specifically their star filled pitching staff.

metsinaroundAnd before you all go jumping on social media and talk radio saying Flores should have been moved to second base, remember Flores is no longer the problem. Flores has calmed down defensively, hit with enough power to remain in the lineup and Herrera is returning soon as the team’s future second baseman. It is not worth messing with the psyche of Wilmer at this point when he would eventually be moving back to shortstop to make room for Dilson in what should be just another week or two.