Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.56.43 PMThe Mets left San Diego after invigorating yet another struggling offensive team. As they open the Arizona series tonight, you start to wonder, what will it take for this team to get over the hump offensivel, support their starting pitchers and compile victories. On the bright side, the Mets entered this west coast trip a half game out of first behind the Washington Nationals, and despite not making up ground, they didn’t lose any either. They enter the Arizona 4 game set with a 29-25 record and look to start a winning streak before they head back to Flushing for an 8 game home stand.

phoenix4Can Matt Harvey (5-3, 3.11) right the ship and get back on track? Harvey has struggled mightily over his last two outings. More so his first start of the two, where he was yanked in the 4th after allowing a career high 7 runs. Dead arm or not, the stuff is still there. It’s electric, lights up the radar gun and still generates plenty of swings and misses. It is minor adjustments that need to be made in-game to take him from giving up four runs while striking out 11 over 8 innings to shutting out his opponent and there is no doubt The Dark Knight will make those adjustments, and fast.

phoenix4Will the defensive adjustment help the psyche of the pitchers? The Mets announced earlier today they would be making a shift in their defensive alignment, with Tejada moving to second base and Murphy sliding back over to third, until the return of the captain, David Wright. While this move will hardly be a footnote anywhere outside of the tri-state area, this has to be a huge boost to the Mets pitchers. Tejada is far and above their most competent defensive infielder and while the best scenario would still be swapping him and Flores, I get why that move can’t and won’t happen. However, any way to sure up the middle infield defense is nothing but positive news for pitchers and that is exactly what the Mets are doing here.

phoenix4Where can the Mets find offensive reinforcements with Wright’s injury looming over this team? We hear often about Conforto, Smith and Nimmo, but they are still quite a ways away and wouldn’t even fill the current Mets holes position wise. d’Arnaud will be a huge upgrade when he makes his return behind the plate and in the middle of the lineup in the next few days but that is hardly enough. The Mets are banking on Herrera coming back and living up to the offensive potential he has displayed on a nightly basis in the minors, but again still not enough. The Mets need to bring someone in. Someone not currently employed by any of the Mets affiliates. Someone that can bump a current starter to the bench and strenghten one of the weakest hitting benches in all of baseball. While a Ben Zobrist seems like the perfect fit, as he can play nearly everywhere and allow a lot of flexibility on a nightly basis for Collins and Alderson, the Mets will be waiting in a long line for his services. I can’t pinpoint who should be the Mets targeted acquisition and it is still quite early for a trade market to be developed, but something needs to be in the works if the Mets truly intend to ride their pitching toward meaningful September and October baseball.