Thor heads to the mound tonight looking to get the Mets their 3rd straight victory. In his last outing, Noah became the third Mets pitcher to hit a homer at Citi Field since its inception in 2009. That number seems a bit low to me or maybe it’s because the opposing pitchers seem to have done it more often, although that could just be the pessimist talking in me. 

Mets pitchers to homer at Citi Field:

  • May 2015: Noah Syndergaard vs. Philadelphia Phillies 
  • May 2012: Jeremy Hefner vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • July 2010: Johan Santana vs. Cincinnati Reds

Until looking at this, I have completely forgotten about Jeremy Hefner. I know that he has struggled to return from Tommy John surgery (performed same year as Harvey), but it should go to show that it is a severe risk undergoing this procedure and that it doesn’t benefit all pitchers. While the successes are louder and more public, like with Harvey, deGrom and Matz, there are just as many, if not more failures. Just look at how many guys required the surgery for a 2nd time last season alone.