The Mets (27-23) dropped their second straight to the Marlins (20-30) 9-5 thanks to Niese’s inability to impersonate a major league starting pitcher and the unbelievable power from Giancarlo Stanton. Both teams’ starters were pulled early in this game and the Mets left an army on the base paths today. In the end, if you can’t get guys in, you won’t win and that was the Mets’ achilles heal this afternoon. The Mets left 11 men on base and managed only 2 hits against the Marlins bullpen after their starter was removed in the 4th

gonzonieseJonathan Niese had another stinker as he allowed 5 runs in 4 innings. His fastball is very hittable and his once un-hittable curveball is now mediocre at best. He has seemingly struggled all season and the fact that he is holding a spot in a 6 man rotation is a shame. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and at the first sight of futility, his head drops, shoulders droop and any chance of fight from him is essentially out the window. At least if he was somewhat effective, he would have some trade value, but the Mets would have to pay someone to take him at this point.

gonzonieseRuben Tejada is, once again, making his case to be an everyday player. While he may only be receiving this chance because Wright is hurt, Campbell was overexposed and Muno can’t hit at this level, he is proving that all that potential he had just a few years back (when he was groomed to replace Reyes) is not completely lost. The one thing I disagree about with his insertion into the lineup is the fact that Collins has him at third base instead of strengthening the defense up the middle, putting Tejada at second, and shifting Murphy back to third until Wright returns.