dwrightAccording to Ed Coleman, while speaking to Mike Francesca on WFAN this afternoon, he has spoken to a source in the know where David Wright is currently receiving treatment, and the best case scenario is the captain returns to the orange and blue in three more weeks, assuming no further setbacks in his recovery and rehab. He was not able to confirm if Wright indeed is diagnosed with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, but said he would be undergoing about 3 more days of testing and the feeling from his doctors is that he will be able to make a full recovery and with proper maintenance will be able to continue to play baseball without major issues.

BAND-AIDWhen asked what the plans would be to fill the void in the lineup for the next 3 weeks, Coleman felt not much would be done in terms of trades or acquisitions. Muno, Campbell and Tejada would all play games at third and hopefully stop the bleeding until Wright is able to get back. When Francesca questioned whether the Mets would deal Gee or Niese for middle infield help and move Murphy to third, Coleman said he didn’t see that happening and they would most likely continue to fill the void from within.