The Mets (24-20) dropped their second straight game to the Pirates (20-22) by a final score of 8-2. Harvey set two new career marks this afternoon by allowing 7 earned runs over just 4 innings pitched. He was a little wild and unable to match the Pirates aggression early in the game as he allowed two home runs in the first two innings, as well as walking two and throwing two wild pitches. Bad games happen. He will learn from this and move on to the next game, because that is what good pitchers do.

harveybatBurnett is out of this world so far this season. He has a league best 1.37 ERA and struck out 10 Mets, which seems to be a common occurrence recently. He is now 4-1 on the year and hasn’t allowed more than two runs in 9 straight starts. How he continues to say he is retiring at the end of the year is beyond me, but I don’t have millions in the bank and don’t have the option of going out on top of my game.

harveybatThe Mets will be turning to Jonathan Niese to save the Mets from a sweep tomorrow afternoon. Niese has been in a funk of his own lately, whether it is due to his health or flat out inability is still unknown, but he will sure be needed to step up tomorrow against fellow southpaw, Francisco Liriano. The only hope for the Mets is that Liriano continues his struggles from his last start where he allowed 7 runs to the Minnesota Twins.