slamwatchWho doesn’t right? Well usually when you look at team averages in bases loaded situations, things are not so pretty. For example, in 2014 (last year) there were only 8 teams with batting averages above .300 in bases loaded situations. That is not a high percentage of success overall in those situations, but fans seem to always expect more. As fans, we get frustrated each and every time our favorite teams fail to come through with ducks on the pond, but the pressure on the batter with the bases juiced, no matter how many outs, is like no other. If we can feel the pressure and knots in our stomach as fans, imagine what the player standing in the batters box, knowing the whole team is wanting him to come through (not even including the thousands of fans in attendance), is going through.

success_kidWhile watching today’s Mets game, SNY flashed a stat on the Mets early season success with the bases loaded. While I am used to the Mets being pretty much atrocious in these situations, it was a pleasant and unrealized surprise when being shown the stats. The Mets are currently batting .436 with the bases loaded this season. That is quite impressive, but unfortunately only good enough for second place in all of baseball behind only the Washington Nationals, who are batting .522. The Nationals have done their damage in 23 at-bats with the bases juiced while the Mets have faced that situation in 39 at-bats already. This is quite the turnaround from last season where the Mets finished second-to-last in all of baseball. In 2014, the Mets batted .198 over 126 at-bats with the bases loaded. While I believe some of these splits are more of a fluke and can go either way season to season, this stark difference clearly can be partially attributed to the turnaround the Mets have seen overall with their play and standing in the NL East so far this season. Where they end up when the season is over is yet to be seen, but this is quite the start and can only be a confidence boost when faced with bases loaded situations.