Dillon Gee had his second rehab start yesterday for St. Lucie, the Mets Single-A team. Gee pitched 6.1 scoreless innings while striking out 5 and walking none. He scattered 3 hits and finished his 2 game rehab stint with a 0.87 ERA.

metsinaroundWhat happens next? While Gee can’t remain on the disabled list if he is not still injured, which apparently he is not, what place does he have on this current Mets team. He should not be the cause for Syndergaard’s demotion, because in his first two starts, he has shown he is ready and his stuff can be unhittable at times. Niese is the logical choice to be replaced based on results, but he is getting paid on a guaranteed contract and Collins and Alderson seem to really want to keep a lefty in the rotation for the time being. But who knows, maybe Syndergaard gets lit up tonight and will be sent down for more grooming (or Super-Two reasons). Maybe by tomorrow this will be a non story but that scenario is highly unlikely and if Niese can’t be replaced, Gee’s only option should be to join the bullpen, while the Mets continue to search for a match for a trade for him (or more preferably Niese).