Bartolo-Colon1The Mets have fallen out of first place in the NL East for the first time since early April. After a hard fought 14 inning battle in game one of this series, the Cardinals (27-13) have kicked it up a notch, found their offense, and over the last two days have opened a can of whoop ass on Niese, Colon, and the Mets (23-18). For the first time in Citi Field history, the Mets have given up 9 or more runs in back to back games. For the first time since 2011, the Mets have given up more than 8 earned runs in back to back games. Couple that with an offense that struggles to score 3 runs a game, and you get a recipe for disaster. The Mets aren’t hitting, nor drawing walks and are striking out a ton, which all contributes to their offensive inabilities over the last month of the season. Coming into this series, I said this is a big early season test for the Mets, and so far they are failing more than George Zimmerman’s neighborhood watch abilities.

colonBartolo Colon’s struggles continued again tonight. He continues to give up the long ball at an alarming rate (2 more home runs allowed tonight) and he also saw his Mets franchise record streak of 48.1 consecutive innings without issuing a walk snapped. Colon, for the first time in 8 starts, walked a batter (2 in total), found himself in way too many three ball counts, and was obliterated by the Cardinals over 4.1 innings. He allowed 9 runs (8 earned) and gave up 11 hits, while walking 2 and striking out 4. He saw his ERA balloon to 4.85. On the bright side, Colon reached on a hustle 3 foot shot off of home plate, that was mishandled by Molina, which the crowd ate up, as they do with every Colon at-bat.

colonThe Mets offense inability is getting to their pitching. I have said it before and i’ll say it again; the pitchers are going to fall apart if they are expected to go out and put up zeroes on the board every inning of every outing if they want a winning decision. That is the reality of the Mets at this point of the season as the Mets just can’t seem to get anything, or anyone, going offensively.

colonThe St. Louis Cardinals are what the Mets should strive to be. They field a team of professionals that do all of the little things right. They approach each plate appearance the right way and don’t make mental errors that give their opponents any easy outs at the plate, additional outs in the field or added momentum. From the ownership on down, they are the model of success and consistency and the Wilpon’s and Sandy Alderson need to take some notes.