The Mets are coming home to Flushing after a terrible 4 game series at Wrigley Field where they were swept by the Chicago Cubs. The Mets went to Chicago in first place in the NL East with a 20-11 record and a 5 game lead on the Washington Nationals and after the loss in game four, sat with just a one game lead pending the outcome of the Nationals and Padres game. Despite their hot start and clutch hitting to back up their lights out pitching, they have quickly fallen back to reality and now sit here at a crossroads.

metsinaroundAre the Mets capable of getting back to the April team that showed clutch hitting, a lights out bullpen and dominant starting pitching en route to an 11 game winning streak or are the Mets the .500 team that we have seen since late April that pitches really well but scores less than two runs per game and kicks around the ball in the field?

  • The Mets are at the point in the season now where they survived their tough opening schedule against all NL East opponents. They came out better than anyone could have expected and showed that they have the grit, heart and hustle to contend with the best of the league.

metsinaroundCan the offense get by and muster enough runs to support the starting pitching until the return of David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud?

  • Over the last 3 weeks, this team has barely been able to score 3 runs on a nightly basis. Even with the dominant starting pitching they have received from Colon, Harvey, Niese and the solid starts from Gee, deGrom, Syndergaard and Montero, the pressure will eventually be too much to put up zeroes on a nightly basis and it wouldn’t surprise me to see more outings like what we got today from Niese. Each mistake will start being more costly and mentally, it will be tough for the pitchers to continue to have to go into each start knowing that if they give up more than one run, the team probably will lose.

metsinaroundWill Collins be the manager of this team past Memorial Day if this losing streak continues, especially with the awful Milwaukee Brewers coming to town?

  • The Brewers may be the only team with a worse offense than the Mets. They are coming into town with the worst team batting average and dealing with nearly as many injuries as the Mets. Carlos Gomez has been battling through injury nearly all season while their young (hopefully future Met) shortstop, Jean Segura, was just placed on the disabled list with a fractured finger. They feature below average pitching, mediocre defense but really struggle offensively. This is a series that the Mets need a bounce back statement and a series sweep to show their fans, and more importantly the members of their clubhouse that they will not roll over and quit just because guys are hurt and they lost to some good pitching and young stars-in-the-making sluggers in Chicago. If the Mets don’t win this series against the Brewers, or even worse, get swept, not only will we return to the Citi Field grave yard, we may be hearing about Terry Collins finding his way out of town.